The Red Baron story video out now!

The Red Baron animated story video


We’ve collaborated with our good friends at Yarnhub who have used their expertise in animation to create a story video for our song ‘The Red Baron‘, which – as you probably already know – is featured on our album, ‘The Great War‘.

If you’re unfamiliar with who The Red Baron was, let us enlighten you.

Manfred von Richthofen was a German Air Force fighter pilot during the First World War. His distinctive bright red Fokker triplane earned him the nickname The Red Baron, as he was highly identifiable in the skies. Referred to as the ‘ace-of-aces’, he was the commander of his own Jasta, and was a skilled organiser, mentor and leader. Richthofen was deeply feared by his opposition as he was a fearsome predator of the skies – a force to be reckoned with.

Straight after his 80th victory, The Red Baron met his demise on April 21, 1918. He was shot down in Vaux-sur-Somme and was killed by a single bullet through the heart.