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Thank you Antwerp!!!

Thanks to all METALHEADS who gave us the greatest memories a rockmusician could ever hope for!

All of you really rocked the shit out of Hof Ter Lo tonight!

Right now we are on our way back home to sweden again and we will remember this night as the PRIMO VICTORIA!

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Things are cooking in Antwerp!

We have a great time here in Antwerp, a lot of people are here already and we see Sabaton-shirts all over the place!!
This will be a night to remember for sure!

Another thing we will remember is our miserable trip down here, and Pär will probably never forget the policewoman writing the ticket in Bremen! :-)

Now it’s time for us to have a good meal before our production meeting and then we will start loading up the metal machine for tonights show!
Stay tuned for more action!