Crew application – Sabaton Open Air 2018

First of all, thanks for consider working at Sabaton Open Air 2018, and help us create a magic for the 11:th time in Falun!

Now we have to sort out what area you would like to work in!

Please fill in the form below, and choose one of the areas (explanation can be found below for each area.) the team leader will get back to you with more info, or further questions within a week or two.

We also need some basic information from you. Please fill in all fields, and make sure the E-mail and phone number you enter is valid. Otherwise we would have a hard time get in contact with you.

All information you provide stays within the organisation of Sabaton Open Air of course!

Do i get payed?

No, but you will be given free meals & soft drinks + coffee while working + a cool T-shirt + access to the festival area during the whole festival for free. All we ask in return is your help 3×8 hours. Before, during or after the festival. All depending on what area you would like working in, and the team leaders scheduling. If you wanna do even more hours, please let your team leader know.

Please note. It can take some time before a team leader gets back to you due to many different reasons. But we aim to get back within a few weeks from the date you applied.

Also note that you have to be at least 18 years old to work at Sabaton Open Air.

Every crew member will also be insured during their working hours!

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Area explanation

As a stage hand, you’re the stage managers extended arms and muscles when it comes to helping out on and around the stage. Wether it be heavy lifting of equipment on, off or beside the stage or simply running for towels, you always need to be ready to take orders.
The job is sometimes intense, especially during the time bands arrive and/or depart to/from the stage area, and sometimes not so much. During the down periods, you still have to be able to switch quickly to top attention for that one sudden order. These persons don’t need previous experience, but it is considered a plus. The same goes for knowing one type of musical equipment from another. Their physique must be uninjured (no need for the fitness world champion, but a broken leg or scoliosis is considered a minus…).
But hey, it all boils down to an awake head and the lust for keeping the stage area as efficient as it has to be.
Your Team Leader will be the Stage Manager and/or Assistant Stage Managers

This area is divided into two groups, working tight together as one team.
In the entrances you are the festivals face to all visitors and make sure every one feels really welcome to the festival. You are also making sure no prohibited stuff enters the arena.
In the gates you make sure that guests, bands and crew can pass wherever their access allows them.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1508505325799{margin-top: 0px !important;}”]ARTIST SERVICE
To work in the artist service means you work near the artists. This area is a bit special as you can understand, and we are only looking for a very few persons, with years of experience of similar tasks.

Everyone wants high standards and fast service when you’re at one of Swedens finest hard rock venues.
If you work in the bar area you need to be at least 18 years old, be tolerant to some possible stressful situations and be service minded!
You will also work in one of the most funny service areas!
The bar crew only focus on background service. No sales.

Everyone needs to eat and drink at a music festival. Mainly this group focus on the crew catering. They make sure all meals are served in the best possible way. They also make sure it’s clean and friendly at the crew catering area. No kitchen experience needed.

As a crew member for the festival site the main work is before and after the festival. To build up all the fences for the festival and camping areas means hard and heavy work for these days.
You have to move a few kilometers of fences and the additional bricks (each up to 25 kg), fix them and cover some parts later on.
Also there is all the stuff in the beer tent & the VIP area to arrange, and all benches and tables on the festival area have to be at their place.
The build-up will start round about one week before the festival, and after the festival there are a maximum of 3 days needed. On these days we have to work one shift with 8 up to 12 hours each day.
During the festival days there is normally no work to do, so you can enjoy the festival. Please add a note as additional information during which period (before the festival, after the festival, or all time) you will be able to work. English language skills is necessary in this area.

At the camping area we have a crew dedicated to make sure all guests have a good time. All from helping them set up their tent in the right place, to make sure the area is clean and friendly for all. A feel-good-crew so to speak.

This is the festival merchandise area mainly. We look for persons with some experience handling a cash register, and / or experience in selling items for example in a store. Long hours, and a lot of fun experiences in this area!

Many of our artists travel to and from Sweden by airplanes, and need transportation from / to Arlanda or Skavsta airports. Also local shuttle service for artists and guests is needed. All transport crew needs to be at least 25 years old, and have a valid licence B or higher. They also need to be prepared to drive a minivan with a trailer if needed. We also seek a number of drivers and runners to help us when we need something to be picked up or delivered both inside and outside the festival area.

Not many think of the importance of this crew at a festival. And not many thinks this seems fun doing either, until they tried. This is exactly what is says. This crew cleans the festival and camping area. They make the Sabaton Open Air festival one of the cleanest and most friendly festivals to be at.

Here is where our visitors change their prepaid tickets to wristbands according to what ticket they bought. We also sell tickets over the counter.
We are somewhat of the first face our visitors meet and they sometimes have a lot of questions that we answer with a smile.
We work two by two in pairs with our supervisor close by.

We look for a parking crew who will make sure the parking lot(s) around the venue works fine and that we can have as many parked car there as possible.
No experience needed in this area. All we ask for is that you like good order and like meeting a lot of people.

What happens when the last artists of the night is leaving the stage, when the lights goes out and all guests are leaving? The job for the night security starts! Their job is to guard the stages, camping, equipment and much more. For this work, you must be a social, verbal and have the ability to rapidly change pace! You must be over 18 years old and we would like that you have worked with security before but that is not a requirement, apply now!

What happens next?

After you have submitted the form, it can take all from a few days to some weeks before a team leader contacts you. And the first contact will be by e-mail so make sure you filled in your e-mail address correctly.

PS: And don’t forget to submit the form! ;)

Together we will make the 2018 issue of Sabaton Open Air festival the greatest ever!