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Sabaton at the Expeditionary Museum in Curitiba, Brazil

Sabaton at the Expeditionary Museum in Curitiba, Brazil

While in Curitiba, Sabaton were invited to visit the Expeditionary Museum, which honours the memory and sacrifices of the Brazilian Expeditionary Legion, who for 18 months trained and battled alongside the Allied forces during WWII.

Unknown to the band, our friends in the Museum (mostly descendants of the veterans themselves) had prepared an incredible surprise for Sabaton: an intimate ceremony during which the band was awarded the “Tenente Max Wolff Filho” medal (for bringing to life the story of these heroes on the now classic song “Smoking Snakes”), an extraordinary distinction that had previously only been awarded to two foreigners, both ex-combatants – an Italian partizan and a Russian veteran – now residing in Brazil.

That makes Sabaton the first non-military foreigners to be bestowed such an honour, and we’re pretty sure the first Heavy Metal band ever to receive such a special gift!

To make matters even more humbling, the medal and corresponding diploma were handed to the band by none other than two surviving “Smoking Snakes” veterans themselves!

“Cobras Fumantes, eterna é sua Vitória!”

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Sabaton in Porto Alegre, Brazil 2016

Sabaton In Porto Alegre Brazil 2016

Sabaton had a triumphant return to Porto Alegre last night, embraced once again with open arms by the “gaúcho” fans!

And if that wasn’t enough, a (very) young fan attending his first concert ever drew this familiar-looking piece and gifted it to the band after the show.

Onwards to Curitiba for the last show in Brazil on this tour, before heading to Argentina for the very first time!

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Sabaton helping charity in Limeira, Brazil

Sabaton helping charity @ Limeira, BR

Sabaton’s show last night in Limeira turned out to even more special than usual. A food drive was held as part of the show to help the charity institutions in the area, and the outcome was quite impressive!

Thanks to our local friend Edson (here pictured with Sabaton and the food raised at the show) who organized it, we hope this small gesture makes a little difference in the lives of those who need it the most.