Trouble purchasing tickets online!

If you run into any kind of trouble when purchasing a ticket to Sabaton Open Air, please get in contact with Tickster customer support (+46 771 47 70 70 | and they will guide you.

Right now our ticket vendor Tickster are experiencing problems handling some card payments from North America. If you are one of these, and can’t make your purchase, please contact for a special arrangement!

What’s the difference between regular tickets and VIP

With an VIP ticket you get access to the VIP bar where a better assortment of drinks are served in a calmer environment. This area is also visited by many of the playing bands, our business partners etc.

This area also contains a warm indoor location + a balcony from where you can see the whole festival area. Clean dedicated water toilets are also available in here.

Travelling to us on a Motorcycle?

At Sabaton Open Air you can park your bike next to your tent in the new BIKERS CAMP Area.
This area is shared with the trailer and caravan campers, and each motorcycle will need a “Motorcycle-ticket” + each person will need a regular ticket with camp included. No power outlet will be available here.

Please note: No bike – No tent on this camp site!