Food & Drinks – Bar & V.I.P area.

In the bar area(s) will alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages be served.

A variety of beer, ciders, wine and drinks will be available.   (The V.I.P area will have a more complete / complexed / interesting assortment.)

In the bar areas there is a strict 18 years limit.

Our own restaurant!

You are allowed to bring food from the festival area and consume it in the bar areas, but you are not allowed to bring out alcohol or other drinks.

Great food from our dear friend and master chef Görgen Tidén, who is well known in Sweden for his fine dining menus, will be served.

This special restaurant located on the hill near the bar area (Yes, you can access it from outside the bar area too) will offer a menu of high quality food with only locally produced ingredients.

– Give it a try, you will like it!

Görgen’s full menu will be presented here later during the spring, but already now we know that he will bring the same dishes as last year, with a little twist.

Also he will serve a bit larger portions. Just as many of you wanted on the 2016 festival.