Giveaway Winners – 24 Days of Christmas 2021

24 Days of Christmas 2021 - Giveaway announcement

Merry Christmas friends!

Below you can find the winners of all giveaway competitions that took place during our 24 Days of Christmas 2021.

All winners have been contacted via email by our team. Please check your spam folders as we are still waiting for some replies regarding some prizes that have not been claimed yet!

Thank you again for the enormous participation!

The Royal Guard Vinyl – Signed (10 winners)

Veljko V. from Serbia
Senna T. from Netherlands
Fabian K. from Germany
Michael S. from Denmark
Brandon H. from USA
Jacco S. from Netherlands
Joël E. from Netherlands
Mikolaj B. from USA
Tobias M. from USA
Nico from Germany

Razer Goodie Bag (3 winners)

Akos H. from Austria
Konstantinos A. from Greece
Mason M. from USA

Signed Piano Piece (1 winner)

Lena M. from Germany

Video Call with Hannes (1 winner)

Aleks L.

The HU Goodie Bag (5 winners)

Margie C. from Australia
Mieszko G. from Poland
Nicolas A. from Italy
Pamela P. from UK
Alexandra M. from USA

World Of Tanks x Sabaton Goodie Bags (3 winners)

Christopher S. from USA
Joshua R. from UK
Anton N. from Belarus

Sabaton Chair by Arozzi (1 winner)

Joline G. from Belgium

Nuclear Blast Goodie Bags (3 winners)

Jude F. from USA
Alicia M. from UK
Yorden S. from Netherlands

Defence Of Moscow Vinyls (10 winners)

Jeroen P. from Netherlands
Rafael P. from Portugal
Marielle S. from Sweden
Sindje L. from Germany
Adam S. from USA
Blake B. from Canada
Leonardo B. from Peru
Leo B. from Sweden
Robin p. from Switzerland
Justin V. from Netherlands