Sabaton History informs you of the historical background behind all Sabaton songs.

Pär and Joakim from Sabaton and historian Indy Neidell from TimeGhost/World War Two will take you on an awesome adventure through the history, the creative process and untold stories behind the Sabaton songs.

Sarajevo - Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Episode 116
The Valley of Death - The Battles of Doiran
Episode 115
Dreadnought – The King of the High Seas!
Episode 114
Father – Fritz Haber
Episode 113
Kingdom Come – Manowar
Episode 112
Versailles - "It will be what you make of it"
Episode 111
Race To The Sea – The Failure of the Schlieffen Plan
Episode 110
The Unkillable Soldier – Adrian Carton de Wiart
Episode 109
Soldier of Heaven – Mountain Warfare in WW1
Episode 108