Sabaton History brings you the historical background to all Sabaton songs.

Pär and Joakim from Sabaton and historian Indy Neidell from TimeGhost/World War Two will take you on an awesome adventure through the history, the creative process and untold stories behind the Sabaton songs.

Episode 59 - Aces In Exile Pt.1 – Non-British RAF Pilots
Episode 58 - The Price of a Mile – The Battle of Passchendaele..
Episode 57 - Poltava – The Great Northern War
Episode 56 - The Future of Warfare – British Tanks of the Great War..
Episode 55 - Back in Control – The Falklands War
Episode 54 - Wolfpack – German U-boat Tactics
Episode 53 - Winged Hussars – Polish Cavalry
Episode 52 - Wehrmacht – The German Army 1935-1945
Episode 51 - The Attack of the Dead Men – Gas Warfare on the Eastern..