Reign Of Terror - Lyrics

The sky is on fire, burning black gold
Eyes of the west turn to east
Driven by greed and an urge to destroy
Merciless killing your own

Slave to the power, a slave to the gold
Ruthlessly ruling the east
Your reign of terror must come to an end
Fighting your unholy war

Now you will pay, we’ll charge you our way
Sooner or later we’ll get you
Don’t try to hide in your holes underground
Just like an insect we’ll smoke you right out

Night time primetime
Ancient legacy of crime
One day we will make you pay for

Night time primetime
Law and order pays the fine
Genocide you cannot justify

Chaos in east, disorder in west
Desert storm is a go
Fighters are launched from the carriers at sea
Infantry coming your way

Armoured brigades engaging their lines
Regain control of black gold
Your reign of terror will come to an end
Forcing you out of control

Countdown to death we’re coming for you
Making our way through the desert
Soon you will pay for the pain that you caused
Captured or dead you will cause no more harm

Feet after feet, mile after mile
Allies regaining control
Your cities in ruins a people in need
Still you go on as before

Feet after feet, mile after mile
Allies returning the land
Hide underground as the coward you are
One day we’re coming for you

Music: Brodén / Lyrics: Brodén / Sundström
Historic fact
The part of the Gulf War known as Operation Desert Storm, 17th January 1991 – 24th February 1991. It was waged by a coalition of 34 nations, led by the USA, against Iraq, following Iraq’s invasion & annexation of Kuwait (2nd – 4th August 1990). Operation Desert Storm began with an aerial bombardment on 17th January 1991, followed by a ground assault on 24th February. This resulted in a decisive victory for the coalition forces, who liberated Kuwait and advanced into Iraqi territory. The coalition halted their advance and declared a cease fire after only 100 hours from the start of the ground campaign. Formal cease fire terms were passed by the United Nations Security Council in April 1991 but controversies over enforcement of this and subsequent resolutions, led to another conflict in 2003 (see Panzer Battalion).