Are you a Sabaton History Patron yet?

It has been more than a month since the launch of Sabaton History and we wish to thank all of our fans for supporting this initiative and for subscribing to our new channel.

Why are we doing this and why should you join?

This has been a dream of ours for many, many years. We want to share the stories that inspired us in the first place with you all, and Sabaton History is our chance to do exactly that. We’ll dive into the history but we will also explain what that particular song means to us, how we came up with the initial idea, and share some amazing stories (some are truly epic!) about our experiences around the song.
It’s only now that we’re in a position to even think of doing this, and in the end we need you to participate so that we can keep investing into this awesome channel together. So get involved with the project and join us by choosing one of our membership tiers and help make this an awesome and huge project! By being a member of Sabaton History not only will you be part of the force that keeps us rolling – you will also get some exclusive benefits only available for our Sabaton History members including early access to every new episode! And there’s much more than this depending on the tier you choose:
  • Early access to each new episode
  • Special “History” edition of our new album
  • Personalized signed and dedicated plate
  • Exclusive playlists
  • Merchandise
  • Guest list for one of headline shows
  • Q&A sessions