Reunited on the Sabaton Cruise: one man and his merch

Reunited on the Sabaton Cruise: one man and his merch

Every metalhead knows that music brings people together, but one Sabaton fan learned the true value of metal brotherhood on the 2018 Sabaton Cruise.

When Kevin Granov saw the recent release of a framed set of platinum Carolus Rex discs – limited to just 100 copies – he knew he had to have number 21 as a treat for his 21st birthday, and planned to take it on the cruise to get signed by the band.

But the precious memorabilia was delayed in the mail and Kevin, who runs the Danish Pagans Sabaton fanpage, had to travel to Stockholm before it arrived.

Not wanting to miss his chance, Kevin made a plea on social media to see if another cruiser could stop by his home and collect the discs, and was amazed when a total stranger – Timo Windels from Germany – stepped forward to reunite him with the beautiful collector’s item.

He explained: “It’s very special and I was a little afraid someone would just keep it! But I’m glad I asked, and I’m very grateful that Timo is the kind of person who would do this for somebody. I definitely owe him a beer!”

Timo added: “We were going to drive through Denmark to get to the cruise, and I got that this was pretty important for Kevin, so I wanted to do a favour. We met up in Stockholm at a pre-party Kevin organised, and we got to meet a lot of nice people before we even got on board, so it’s been great for us too.”

The pair say they will stay in touch and hope to meet at another festival or show in future, so Kevin can buy Timo that beer.