Sabaton Cruise X – The Battleship

The time has come to take the Battle of the Baltic Sea to a whole new level to make this 10th anniversary something extra special! It will be a decade since the first Sabaton Cruise sailed from our Swedish capital Stockholm towards Turku in Finland and over the years thousands of metalheads have rocked the ship with us and survived the epic battles at sea, returning with fantastic memories from this very unique and intimate experience. Many of you have told us that we should make some changes so the experience can be even better. And we would be stupid if we did not listen to you! So we can now present a heavily upgraded version of our cruise, on a new ship, with more metal, more tonnes & more Sabaton. On the first of December we sail from Stockholm towards Tallinn, Estonia giving all sailors something we have never done before on this double length voyage. There will be two full nights of party + a day in Tallinn city, a beautiful town filled with historical places to discover for those who want to go ashore For the past 9 years the Sabaton Cruise has been sold out very quickly, so when the tickets go on sale on April 25th @ 10.00 CEST, you better be quick! The Battle for the Baltic sea rages on.. And this time we are bringing a Battleship.

Or by phone: +46 (0)8-666 33 33

Didn’t get a ticket? Have faith, every 10 minutes the staff @ Tallink Silja goes thru the booking system checking for not payed cabins, or even cancellations, & makes them available for booking again. So keep trying friends, and we strongly suggest you to call them: +46 (0)8-666 33 33 for the best possible service! Also, if you have a ticket and are alone in your cabin and want to share it with someone who didn’t got a ticket yet, it’s very easy to arrange. Just call Tallink Silja and they will help you!