Corroded to Sabaton Open Air 2017!

Corroded is finally back!

In 2010, on the first festival held on the Lugnet venue, we had Corroded playing as the first band out for that day.
Due to technical problems in the entrance many fans didn’t get in to see the full set.
Ever since that day we have tried to book them back, and now for the 10:th anniversary we finally nailed it!

Per Soläng, the meanest drummer in Sweden, states:
“Listen up folks…after 7 looong years its about time again…and we are SUPERSTOKED to announce our participation at one of Swedens best festivals, Sabaton Open Air 2017, can’t wait!!!
See you in August!”

We are very happy to announce that Corroded is back on the Lugnet venue again, in full power!