Christmas Truce Merch Pre-Order is here!

The first single of The War to End All Wars is finally here and it’s no other than Christmas Truce! A touching story that took a whole lot of soul to create!

“Christmas Truce was our highest priority when we decided to write songs about World War One. Not only was it the most requested topic from our fans, but it was, for us, the most emotional story from the war. This song took us years to create since we wanted the music to reflect the mood honestly and it was a big challenge, but we feel we managed to write a song that captures the spirit of this day, over a century ago.”/Pär Sundström

And with this in mind, we tried to create a line of merch that would reflect it. So get your pre-order now and feel the beauty of the Christmas Truce! It’s going to be shipped out in just a couple of days!