Get your hands on our new “The Art Of War” t-shirt!

New The Art Of War t-shirt in the Sabaton store


We have dropped a brand new “The Art Of War” t-shirt to coincide with the 51st anniversary of the discovery of Sun Tzu’s ancient texts.

Did you know that on April 10, 1972, Chinese construction workers accidentally found the Yinqeshan Han tomb which contained chapters from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”? Also known as Sunzi, Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese military strategist. His works are the first known treatise on warfare strategy in history and are considered incredibly influential. That is why we decided to name our album “The Art Of War”.

Back to the t-shirt – our “The Art Of War” band tee is in French navy blue and features the album art on the front and the words “The Art Of War” in metallic gold on the back.

Make sure you update your Sabaton collection with this gem. It’s a keeper!