Join a Battle Through History – a Sabaton Board Game!

Each bandmember of Sabaton grew up not only playing metal but also with the tradition of board games and role playing games, and the blood of these games runs in our veins. So together with our partner Scribabs we present you: “A Battle Through History” – An Adventure with Sabaton!

We all love history, we all love stories. So here’s a story, or rather some history that you get to travel through. Create your own reality while traveling through different eras with epic battles. Have your own heroes, relics, weapons and show your courage on the battlefield, all, in a one-of-a-kind game along with the social interactions that it comes with.

Pick a band member as your very own character and fight through history, enjoying the time with friends and family!

Join the fun and Pre-Order the board game NOW! You will receive it almost as soon as we will 😉