New Lady Of The Dark propaganda t-shirt NOW AVAILABLE!

Lady Of The Dark Propaganda T-Shirt

Metal family, it’s that time again.

Our collectible Propaganda t-shirt is now available, and this time it pays homage to a master of disguise and a champion of the battlefield. Yes, we’re talking about Serbia’s Milunka Savić, our Lady Of The Dark!

We couldn’t resist paying tribute to this unbelievably fierce female. Savić is the most decorated female combatant in the history of warfare; a hero, who fought in both Balkan wars, as well as World War I. She is known for cutting off her hair and altering her appearance to resemble a man in order to take her brother’s place in the army (he was ill with tuberculosis) to fight for the First Balkan War.

Channel her energy and be brave and fearless like the Lady Of The Dark.