The LAST propaganda t-shirt: Soldier Of Heaven

Soldier Of Heaven Propaganda T-shirt

Get your hands on our FINAL collectible Soldier Of Heaven Propaganda t-shirt that pays tribute to a nail-biting point in history. If you don’t already own one of these exclusive t-shirts, this is your last chance!

Do you know the story behind our song, “Soldier of Heaven”?

During WW1, the Italians fought against the Austro-Hungarian Empire to protect their borders in the alps close to heaven. For three harsh winters, men were living, fighting and dying in positions on the roof of the world. They were thousands of feet high and endured temperatures that fell below -30C. It demanded a physical and mental determination unknown to most. At 23:30 on April 17, 1916, the Italians detonated 5,000kg of Nitro-Gelatine. Around 200 Austrian soldiers were killed in the explosion and the assault, and the Italians secured the Col di Lana summit.

It’s been a pleasure releasing these unique t-shirts. The response and feedback we have received has been amazing and we certainly hope our new and upcoming surprises will be welcomed with just as much love!

Thank you metalheads. Wear your shirts with PRIDE!