New 2020 tour dates for Russia & Belarus

Sabaton new tour dates for Russia & Belarus

Earlier this year we had to postpone a few shows of our big tour in Russia and Belarus due to Covid-19. After a lot of investigation, consideration and hard work we have managed to reschedule the shows to new dates.

The orginal shows in Ufa, Krasnodar, Voroneth, Nizhny Novgorod and Minsk were all SOLD OUT by the time they were cancelled and the other shows had very few tickets left.
That is why there are some additional concerts now available in some cities as well as a few more cities and clubs.

Tickets for this tour or now available at www.sabaton.net/tour/.

As Pär stated:
“Of the total of 18 shows we managed to do 9 before the damn virus cancelled the rest. Ever since we have been working day and night to make it possible to return to Russia and Belarus and finish what we started. The tour was fantastic until we had to abort so we cannot wait to come back”.

Here are the new dates for Russia and Belarus:

07.11.2020 – Russia – Chelyabinsk – Entertainment Galaxy
08.11.2020 – Russia – Yekaterinburg – Teleclub
10.11.2020 – Russia – Ufa – Tinkoff Hall
12.11.2020 – Russia – Samara – Zvezda
14.11.2020 – Russia – Volgograd – Vs Club
16.11.2020 – Russia – Nizhny Novgorod – Milo
17.11.2020 – Russia – Nizhny Novgorod – Milo
19.11.2020 – Russia – Voronezh – Arena Hall
20.11.2020 – Russia – Voronezh – Arena Hall
21.11.2020 – Russia – Rostov-on-Don – Krop Arena
23.11.2020 – Russia – Krasnodar – Krop Arena
24.11.2020 – Russia – Stavropol – Major
26.11.2020 – Belarus – Minsk- Falcon Club