Sabaton History Episode 11 – Norwegian Heavy Water Sabotage

As the scientific masterminds of the early 1940’s discover the destructive capabilities of splitting atoms, some of them try to weaponise it. One special product is important in the creation of such a weapon: heavy water. The Norwegians have a plant that produces heavy water at Vemork. The Allies, desperate to slow down the German progress towards the development of a nuclear weapon, decide to sabotage it. The Sabaton song ‘Saboteurs’ is about the dangerous mission that is conducted by the British and Norwegians in the winter of 1940 to sabotage the Norwegian Heavy Water production for the Nazi’s. Support Sabaton History on Patreon (and possibly get a special edition of ‘The Great War): https://www.patreon.com/sabatonhistory Listen to the Coat Of Arms album (where Saboteurs is featured): CD: http://bit.ly/CoatOfArmsStore Spotify: http://bit.ly/CoatOfArmsSpotify Apple Music: http://bit.ly/CoatOfArmsAppleMusic iTunes: http://bit.ly/CoatOfArmsiTunes Amazon: http://bit.ly/CoatOfArmsAmzn Google Play: http://bit.ly/CoatOfArmsGooglePlay