Sabaton History Episode 3 – The Battle of Kursk

In Panzerkampf, Sabaton sings about the German offensive on the Kursk salient in the summer of 1943. We dive into the details of the Battle of Kursk and the one biggest tank battles in world history, the Battle of Prokhorovka. Support Sabaton History on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sabatonhistory Listen to The Art of War album (where Panzerkampf is featured): CD: http://bit.ly/TheArtOfWarStore Spotify: http://bit.ly/TheArtOfWarSpotify Apple Music: http://bit.ly/TheArtOfWarAppleMusic iTunes: http://bit.ly/TheArtOfWariTunes Amazon: http://bit.ly/TheArtOfWarAmz Google Play: http://bit.ly/TheArtOfWarGooglePlay