The War To End All Wars movie out in 2023

TWTEAW The Movie

The time has come for us to reveal some BIG NEWS.

We are beyond proud to announce that for the last two years we have been busy working on an exciting, large-scale project.

In 2023 we will release “The War To End All Wars movie“, a full-length musical motion picture featuring songs from our 10th studio album, “The War To End All Wars”. This movie vividly tells the stories of World War I by way of animation and live action. It will give you a better understanding of what our songs on the album are about, and it is a musical and historical adventure.

Currently in post-production, the movie is being made in collaboration with Yarnhub Animation Studio. We have previously worked with them on other projects, including our most recent animated story video for “The Red Baron“.

“The War To End All Wars” movie is on a completely different scale that neither we nor Yarnhub have ever attempted before.

Trust us, you’re going to want to see this!

“We premiered an early version of this movie to journalists during a preview session for our latest album, ‘The War To End All Wars’, at the Royal Military Museum in Brussels. Witnessing their reaction to it was priceless – they were speechless – so we decided to take it to the next level and push the boundaries even further for a global audience.”

Pär Sundström

“When Sabaton asked us to go beyond anything we had produced before and jointly create a film for their new album, we were filled with excitement and trepidation. It was a massive undertaking that required new people, technology and skills. But we couldn’t miss the opportunity. We often say our mission is to harvest goosebumps, and our work with Sabaton has always been the most successful in that regard. It’s been two years in the making, but after spending many late nights and weekends in meetings with the band, the end result is something unique. A new way to listen to the album; a deeper understanding that helps the viewer experience the bravery and tragedy that was the inspiration for Sabaton’s latest masterwork.”

David Webb, Yarnhub

“The War To End All Wars” movie is a cohesive, thought-provoking and emotionally charged piece, with a heavy focus on storytelling. It features members of the band, both in real life and animated, and a lot of research and effort has been put into it to ensure it depicts history in the most accurate way possible – this is something that we are very passionate about.

We had a dream of creating something that’s entertaining but with great educational value, and that dream has become a reality after two years of hard work.

There is so much to tell you about this movie and we will reveal more in time, but know that we are very excited to present this to you next year. Watch this space.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this teaser.…

About Sabaton

Sabaton is a five-piece heavy metal band from Falun, Sweden. Since the band’s formation in 1999, Sabaton has achieved quadruple platinum sales, and over its 20-year touring history, Sabaton has headlined major festivals and sold-out arena concerts around the world.

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About Yarnhub

Yarnhub is an independent animation studio that was founded in 2019. Yarnhub looks to captivate and thrill audiences by recreating history with epic storytelling using iconic cinematography and animated visuals.

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