Coat Of Arms Album Cover



Dropped onto a world of ice, a plateau of frozen lakes
A Nazi place of doom in their sights

Trained in camps on Scottish heights, to commando saboteurs
The mission of their lives lies ahead

Called in to serve
And they knew what to do
They were the heroes of the cold, warrior soul
They signed the book of history, they played a leading role
To win the Second War

Allied time was running short, they would race against the bomb
And as hours turn to days, time pass slow

As the nature test their strength, they would fight through night and day
To live amongst the wild, stay alive

Heroes of the Telemark carry Viking blood in veins
Warriors of the northern land, they live forever more

Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
The Norwegian Heavy Water Sabotage was a series of action undertaken by Norwegian saboteurs in 1943 at Vemork, Norway, during World War Two to prevent the German nuclear energy project from acquiring heavy water, which could have been used by the Nazis to produce nuclear weapons. In February 1943, following a failed British attempt to destroy the Facility, a team of SOE-trained Norwegian commandos succeeded in destroying the production facility. It was the most successful act of Sabotage in all of WW2 (Text credits: Gregory Sandoz)