Sabaton - Heroes of The Great War

The First Soldier


Before the war, he wanted more
And ran away from home
The War to End All Wars had called his name

Outcast, an unlikely soldier
Barely worth his uniform
Emerging as a devil dressed in blue

Being the lone survivor
At the trenches in Alsace
One man holds the line

From the south to the front to the battlefield
From a farm to a hero of France
Served his country courageous and fearless
As he halts the Kaiser’s advance

From the south to the front into no man’s land
From a farm to the end of the road
Son of France he is the first on the frontline
Coming home
Coming home, let his story be known

Glorious, victorious
Protector of the tomb
Memories of his deeds, the cross of war

He’s a decorated soldier, he’s the pride of the uniform
Echoes from the past his story told

Lined up for execution
Saved his captain’s life
One man holds the line

Music:Tommy Johansson
Lyrics:Joakim Brodén, Pär Sundström
Historic Fact
France’s Albert Severin Roche became known as “The First Soldier” of France for his heroism and bravery. Despite his small stature and his peers’ scepticism, by the end of WW1 Albert had more than proved himself, having captured over 1,180 prisoners while fighting for the French Army.

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