The Last Stand Album Cover



Many many years ago, when Persia came ashore
Heeding Leonidas’ call, The Spartans went to war

Joined by their brothers, a few against the fateful horde
Hellenic hearts are set aflame, the hot gates calls their name

A final stand, stop the Persians, spear in hand
Form a wall, live to fall, and live forever

Then, and again. Sing of three hundred men
Glory and death, Spartans will never surrender

Morning has broken, today they’re fighting in the shade
When arrows blocked the sun they fell, tonight they dine in hell

By traitor’s hand, secret passage, to their land
Know his name, know his shame will last forever

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Music:Brodén / Kängström
Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
In 480BC, the Battle of Thermopylae took place in Ancient Greece. King Leonidas and a small number of soldiers – including 300 of his warriors from the state of Sparta – died making a brave last stand against an invading force of around 100,000 Persians.

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