Soldier Of Heaven single cover

Soldier Of Heaven


I won’t be coming home
I won’t be going anywhere
I will guard this post forever
Here on the alpine slope where I did my final stand I shall remain
Among the ice and snow that binds me to this mountain

A force of nature too strong, sent from above
Where spirits lead the way, the winds will never fade

White Friday, I’ll take the
Stairway to heaven
I’m sky high, when I die
I’ll be immortal
Forever, I never
I won´t return to
Blood Mountain, I am the
Soldier of heaven

I saw the end of war
I watched the soldiers come and go
And I kept my watch forever
So many brave men fell in the battles that were raging down below
I have seen it all but none will hear my story

All of these years I have been frozen in time
I cried for spring to come but here, winter remain

I always dreamed that I would, serve high above
Where spirits lead the way, the winds will never fade

Music:Joakim Brodén, Chris Rörland
Lyrics:Pär Sundström
Historic Fact
High above in the alps close to heaven, in the most extreme circumstances, men fought and protected the borders during WWI. "Soldier Of Heaven" tells the story of those brave soldiers who froze to death, whose bodies still remain under the snow… till today.